BT: IP Services

Welcome to mip.zcbnb.club - our website designed to provide network and network performance information relating to Internet Connect Global from BT.

Robust and high-performance global Internet service

av无毒无码亚洲国产The Internet is critical to the way we work today. To gain a business advantage you need a service you trust and you can rely on.

Our Internet Connect Service is a cost effective way of using the internet to interconnect your offices as well as communicating with employees, homeworkers, customers, and suppliers, wherever and whenever you want.

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BT Internet Connect gives you:

  • Reduced management complexity

    We manage every component of all your Internet connections. You can remove the headaches of dealing with multiple suppliers in different locations.

  • Improved customer experience

    BT Internet Connect is tuned for performance. Our guaranteed bandwidth ensures your applications can perform at their best, improving customer experience, productivity, and profitability.

  • Consistent high performance

    av无毒无码亚洲国产All your offices benefit from the same business-grade, high quality service. The service is un-contended (1:1) which means the ordered bandwidth is fully guaranteed and always on.

  • av无毒无码亚洲国产Integrated with BT IP Connect, BT's MPLS IP VPN

    Gateways around the world between our IP Connect and Internet Connect services reduce the cost of providing Internet access and the time taken to deploy.

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